What to do at the prompt


Once you can access your account, you will be presented with the prompt. At this prompt, you can do many many many things. For all of these, we hope to have tutorials soon.

A few basic examples of what you can do:

  • Setup a website
  • Read your group e-mail
  • Setup rules to forward email to another address
  • Transfer files from your computer or your FAS account
  • Grant/remove access from other FAS usernames
  • Setup SSH keys to simplify access (avoid the double login!)
  • Check your quota

How to access and begin working with your account


In order to access an HCS group account to read email and begin setting up webpages, you will need to connect via a terminal into our servers. On most modern operating systems, this requires a terminal application. If you are using Mac OS X, you already have one: it's under Applications>Utilities>Terminal. On a Windows computer, you will need other software, which will be discussed below.

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