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Blanchett Resplendant

As I’m sure you guys know, the 2011 Oscars were last night. I didn’t watch the actual show, though from what I’ve scanned from various news sources, I didn’t miss particularly much. James Franco was in drag. The King’s Speech won best picture. Surprising? Not quite.

Then again it seems every year the Oscars are panned as dull and tired but millions of people still tune in. Why I wonder? It can’t possibly be on account of the dry, slapstick humor, the formulaic acceptance speeches and contrived cinema montages can it? No, I think that most people would agree that watching an entire Oscars broadcast sans yawns is next to impossible. So maybe it’s something else…. Maybe it’s the symbolism of the event, how it embodies America’s love of the film industry and its stars. Or maybe it’s the sense of tradition that comes from being on the air so damn long, and really, what else do most Americans have to do on a Sunday night?

Problem sets were what I was doing last night, that and reading the latest Elle (the Spring Fashion issue with Katy Perry clowning around in Gucci on its cover), but I did not let the Oscar red carpet go unnoticed. If the show itself was somewhat tepid, than the stars certainly dressed accordingly. Flattering, crowd-pleasing dresses in silvery whites or the color of the night, red, were out in full force with even known eccentrics (coughBonhamCartercough) playing it safe for cinema’s biggest night. Scar Jo fizzled in a fussy bourdeaux lace Dolce and Gabanna column, Marisa Tomei (who I adored two years ago for her fan-pleated Versace ball gown) looked vaguely mumsy in an ill fitting vintage Charles James gown, and even the usually stellar Penelope Cruz was sexy but uninspiring in a clingy L’wren Scott number. There wasn’t anything truly horrible… but nothing awe inspiring either.

My silver lining last night was the always consistent Cate Blanchett. In my opinion, Cate always hits the right fashion notes , managing to look perfectly elegant and put together whilst still staying abreast of fashion with a capital F. Last night she was positively regal in a lilac Givenchy spring couture gown with pearl embellishments and criss-cross back. Besides Cate, I was also enamored with Florence Welch’s Valentino Couture (mainly because I liked trying to guess what color it was. yellow? beige? rose?) and the shimmery L’ Wren Scott gown Amy Adams poured herself into for the ceremony.

With that annual fashion bonanza uneventfully behind me, I’m looking now to this coming week and the Paris shows which most certainly will not be playing it quite as safe as the stars last night.