5 Things to Know About Fashion Internship Interviews Mar13


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5 Things to Know About Fashion Internship Interviews

It’s that time of the semester. We’re all home (or in Punta Cana you lucky bitches) doing absolutely nothing but watching episode after episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and during commercial breaks trying to figure out what to do over the summer (besides watch more L&O, obviously). And I’m by no means a pro or an expert on the subject, but after having gone through more than my fair share of fashion industry summer internship interviews, I thought I’d compile a list of the five things I wish I had been told before my interviews:

1. Read Up. Whether you’re interviewing at a publication or a PR-firm or even for a designer, it’s IMPERATIVE that you know as much information as you possibly can find on google about the place. It’s almost guaranteed you will be asked questions about that publication or PR company and in order to show that your life just won’t be the same if you don’t work there, you better have all the right answers.

2. Dress YOUR best. Obviously it is important to look nice (and appropriate) for an interview of any kind – that goes without saying (but I said it anyway). However, many people feel that when it comes to the fashion world, they need to wear designer labels or dress to fit that publication. LIES. It’s way more important to express yourself through what you wear – show your style, your spunk, and your sparkle – they want to meet you, not someone that looks like you but is wearing your mother’s dress and your sister’s heels.

3. Smile. Working in fashion isn’t always glamorous. Your job is likely to be physically and emotionally taxing and you’ll be spending way too many hours at the office working along side the same people. It’s super important to be friendly and happy in your interview to show that 1. you love the industry and 2. you’d be a fun, pleasant person to work alongside for 12 straight hours.

4. Be Up-To-Date. Be ready to rattle off a short list of your favorite brands and designers (with reasons/rationalizations to boot) and even possibly a list of your favorite recent runway shows. When working in fashion it’s going to be necessary that you prove that you’re interested in fashion.

5. Send a Thank You. This probably should be done after any interview of any kind. Once you’ve gotten home after the interview, wait a day and send a thank you note. I generally write them by hand and send them via snail-mail (yes it does still exist), but email is cool too. It’s just important to convey to the interviewer that you’re still thinking about the internship and are highly interested/excited by the opportunity!

No matter what, if you’re confident and motivated, the interview is sure to go fabulously!