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Find of the Week

Week of May 9, 2011

Just saw one of these leather wrap obi belts in a window display at Mint Julep, and literally swooned in the middle of the sidewalk.  I’ve been seeing these around a lot lately, which is phenomenal news for me seeing as I’m always looking for ways to sneak leather into my outfits without looking like a Charlie’s angel (as cool as that would be).  This version, by Peruvian Connection, is perfect because it’s leather, but soft and buttery and sweet leather.  And it’s just so summery and flattering and best of all, versatile.  Whether it’s with a short flouncy skirt or a flowy full-length chiffon number, a maxi dress or even around a longish summer sweater, the obi belt will instantly enhance your feminine shape while standing on its own as an interesting piece.  Irresistable, I know.

There are endless possibilities to style this with, and while I usually opt for sky-high heels given my vertical handicap, I spotted these DV by Dolce Vita beaded sandals today at LF Harvard Square and thought they were a perfect match.  Chill before you pounce on ’em though…I’m ordering them first.

Until next week when I will be officially DONE with freshmen year of college (!!!#$#@$!),
Connie Fu ’14