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Summer Lovin': Mikkat Market

Summer has arrived and I couldn’t be more excited to shed my dreary layers and bask under the warm rays of the Hawaiian sun (yes that’s my home, jealous?). And when the time comes to change my wardrobe with the changing seasons, I need look no further than mikkatmarket.com. This online store offers a perfectly curated collection of basic staples with an edge (i.e. dreamy cotton tees which reveal a fringed and tattered back, or a high waisted khaki skirt bedazzled with grommets). The prices are also to die for; ranging from $15-$50, this site is perfect for the bargain-savvy college student. My favorite item is a pair of almost sickeningly girly white lace shorts for only $30 (!). But paired with my tomboyish pieces, these shorts have just the right dose of girly chic. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take my shorts out for a spin on the golden sands of Waikiki beach.

~Julia Kim Hirata ’14