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Find of the Week

Week of May 16, 2011

Oh the things I do in the name of fashion.  Clarification: the things I do for cold hard cash to fuel my shopping addiction inspired by fashion.  During my grueling week of menial labor consisting of wiping down every inch of freshmen dorm rooms with a rag, I was definitely feeling too unglamorous to share my find of the week on time.  But alas, the pity party was rudely shut down by what I like to think of as my classier side, and I am finally shedding my ratty tee and tennies for none other than this itsy bitsy deliciously flirty bikini.  I’ve recently been obsessed with this vibrant aqua (specifically “seafront”) color because it pops against any skin tone without washing it out.  On top of that, there are removable straps–which, like pockets on dresses, are an automatic win.  This little gem is only being sold online at Madewell, so make sure to grab it for your next beach outing (or just chillin in the house pretending to be on the beach)!


Don’t forget this summer’s staple piece, the floppy hat, to go with.  Mikkat Market‘s chic black-and-white striped version is sure to catch that hot lifeguard’s eye.

Until next week, which is actually technically today…oops

Connie Fu ’14