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I’m finally in Hawaii, chomping down on spam masubis, chocolate shaved ice and korean bbq as I sleep (and eat) through the rest of my summer vacation. Honolulu is as beautiful as I remember, and when we’re not being lazy, we’ve been trolling about Ala Moana shopping center or hiking the lush mountains at the island’s center.

To fill the copious amounts of free time, Julia and I have undertaken a few DIY projects. Today, inspired by this informative blog post, we decided to cement our ties of friendship old school like by hand making some “friendship bracelets.” It took a few youtube tutorials and an hour or so of distracted fingerwork, but we ended up with two pretty passable new accessories.

The embroidery thread we used for our navajo inspired bracelets… so many colors!

Julia hard at work.

j. crew watch, tanned croc bracelet, DIY friendship bracelet

As the scorching heat has made it impossible to layer, I’ve been augmenting otherwise basic ensembles with stacks of wristwear: watchstraps and leather bracelets and wood beads.

-Thomas Dai 14′