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Style Profile: Katherine Moon

My name is: Katherine Moon

When I was 13, I was wearing: Tina Fey glasses

And listening to: Doris Day.

The last thing I’d want to be seen wearing is: A frown.


Drizzle vintage trench coat, Ray Ban eyeglasses, Jimmy Choo pumps, O Omega backpack, Chico’s earrings, Blueground bracelet, Full Moon Ring from Little Tibet

What is something about you that no one would expect?

K: I am not in the process of composing an elaborate scheme to make a dalmatian puppy coat… Also I love Super Smash Bros.

Some people dress for comfort, others dress by mood. Is there a particular, systematic way that you tend to dress, or is each day’s outfit assembled on a whim?

K: With the exception of comfy sweaters, I really love clothes that flow when I walk. One of my all-time favorite pieces is a black drape-y Jones New York cardigan. Since I have a habit of belting tops around my waist, I always make sure my outfits have that outer, swingy sense of movement.

Do your outfits follow a general color spectrum?

K: What is this ‘color’ you speak of?


David Charles jacket, Forever 21 top, Ann Taylor skirt, Calvin Klein shoes, Coach Bag.

What’s your favorite place to shop?

K: HarvardCourses by CS50. #buzzkillington. But actually just the cedar closet in our basement. A lot of my favorite tops, jackets, belts and bags are ones my mom picked up around the world during her modeling days. Even a couple of black silk and velvet cocktail dresses that used to be my Grandma’s in the fifties. Quite a few of my favorite heels are actually thrifted from consignment stores.

Do any of your pieces have a special significance?

K: Yes, a silver Links London charm necklace my best friend Emma gave me after I moved to the US. Every year on my birthday she sends a new charm. My favorite ones to wear together are the heart, the Statue of Liberty and the Big Ben, signifying the two main parts of who I am.


Links of London charm necklace

Favorite study spot on campus?

K: Burdick’s Chocolatier on Brattle Street.

What’s your style in terms of purses?

K: Personally, I don’t care for big, eyecatching labels or logos on my purses. I’m a big fan of plain leather bags that have a genuine weathered effect (from excessive use) with maybe a very discreet hint to the brand and not a lot of flashy metalware. Most of my leather goods are quite worn now that I think about it, but I quite like that – gives it character!


Marshalls dress, Jones New York Sweater, vintage Ann Taylor belt, earrings from Berk’s on JFK, Cole Haan bag, unknown boots

What are your thoughts on fashion at Harvard?  What would your ideal campus dress like?

K: My ideal campus would dress exactly the way it dresses now: with people from different backgrounds, communities, and nationalities expressing themselves as they’re accustomed to while at the same time drawing inspiration from each other. The fashion here is so diverse. I think it’s wonderful.


Interviewer: Connie Fu

Photgrapher: Michelle Hu