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Birds of a Feather

The ladies of Vestis have been in a hair funk lately. With school just starting, everyone is yearning for that new ‘do to make them just that much cooler. Ombre’d locks? Neon highlights? A striking new pixie cut? Should I or Shouldn’t I? These are the questions students in hair limbo love (but kinda hate) obsessing over as the newness of fall starts settling in. Cause let’s be honest, come winter, none of us are going to be in that wonderfully deranged, post-summer state of mind necessary for truly radical scalp makeovers.

If you are in that special state of mind, then Gino’s hair salon in Harvard Square is the place to march yourself in your Tory Burch flats and newly minted Barbour coat. Located on Holyoke St. in between the Andover Store and Sandrines, Gino has been the name behind the well-shorn coiffes of Harvard Square locals in-the-know for the past 32 years. Despite its long history in Harvard Square, this is no dyed-in-the-wool establishment; Gino always has a handle on the trendiest new cuts coveted by his discerning clientele. Call up Ann (his wife and business manager) at 617-876-6186 to set up an appointment or check out their website here.

Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you a series of posts which will feature our solutions to your hair quandaries. In the first of these posts, our very own Ariel Walzer went in to Gino’s last week to experiment with one of the hottest hair trends right now: feathered hair extensions. It seems unlikely, even improbable, but girls have been rocking this look since early summer, a look that is part modern-day Pocahontas, part urban wild child. According to this NYT article, early adopters of the trend have been so insatiable in their pursuit of feathers for their hair that fly fishermen (who use the colorful feathers as lures) have been crying fowl. The grumblings of the fly fishing lure industry notwithstanding, salons in Boston and other cities have been doing a brisk business on such hair plumage, with girls either opting for a semi-permanent extension that is bonded to the hair or a removable hair clip.

Ariel chose a long dangling hair clip with taupe and russet feathers that complements her natural hair color. A Gino’s stylist helped complete the look by straight ironing Ariel’s hair to a glossy sheen. The finished product was sleek and pretty with a bit of Bohemian spirit.

So many colors!

Prep Work

The finished look

A big thank you to Gino and his team for Ariel’s fresh new look! Feather clips sell for $10-$15.


-Thomas Dai 14′