Harvard Ballet Company Nov08


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Harvard Ballet Company


Ever since Harvard alum Natalie Portman’s incredibly chic if slightly deranged turn as ballerina Nina Sayers in last year’s Black Swan, Vestis has been aching to do something similarly balletic. Enter the Harvard Ballet Company and their upcoming fall show “Out of Body,” which will be coming to the New College Theater stage in early November.

The theme of the show notwithstanding, we wanted to focus on the beauty of the body in our photo shoot, hence the skin grazing silhouettes (never a metallic unitard I didn’t like) and exquisitely captured feats of athletic grace (wait, your legs go that way?). Shooting the ballerinas and ballerino on location at Northwest Labs to the enthrallment of several weekend lab goers helped emphasize the clean, minimal look we were going for with the models’ sleek pulled back hair, icy white leotards and prim violet dance dresses. It wasn’t quite the glamor of the New York Ballet in Darren Arnofsky’s eyes perhaps, but then again not all of us can have Rodarte in our costume closets. The random reams of transparent chiffon did give a slight transcendent kick to the proceedings though, no?

Either way, I hope you enjoy the images and check out the Harvard Ballet Company in “Out of Body” on November 11th at 8 pm and again on November 12th at 2 pm and 8 pm!

Left to right: Juan Aparicio, Hazel Lever, Merrit Moore, Whitney Fitts, Marissa Pan

A big thank you to the HBC for collaborating with us on this shoot!

Photographers: Dean Shu and Bonnie Wong

Styling: Thomas Dai

Makeup: Hana Rouse

Clothing/Props: Taken from the costume closet of the Harvard Ballet Company, fabric from Sew-Low in Cambridge.


-Thomas Dai 14′