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Pre-Halloween Beauty

1. Paperself Designer Lashes : Going beyond the normal falsies, these eyelashes are absolutely stunning little works of art that are surprisingly easy to apply. With designs ranging from “under the sea” to “woodland creatures”, how could you resist?

2. Violent Lips Lip Tattoos : They only stay on for a few hours, but these lip tattoos are the way for your lips to become an accessory. Need some rainbow lips for Coming Out Week? They’ve got them! *Pro-Tip: Although they carry the “Glitteratti” line at Sephora, go to violentlips.com for a wider variety of tattoo designs



3. Too-Faced Starry-Eyed Glitter Liquid Eyeliner : This eyeliner is a perfect way to add sparkle to a little black dress! It comes in a variety of colors, doesn’t sting your eyes like some glitter liners, and lasts all night!  *Pro-Tip: Go to department stores (not Sephora) for additional colors, like the pure-gold “Gold Digger.”

4. Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish : Nails Inc. has a new magnetic polish–just paint the nail, then hold a magnet over it to manipulate the polish however you choose! Unfortunately, the polish only comes in 3 colors right now; hopefully more variety is coming soon.  *Pro-Tip: Try using the polish while using another solid color, then swirl the magnet in a spiral for a cool, marbled effect.

5. Betsey Johnson Too Too Perfume : The colorful free-spirit that is Betsey Johnson gives fans a taste (or whif?) of her style in this new perfume that’s the perfect blend of feminine and fruity. The bottle is, by far, the cutest thing that will ever be on your Harvard bookshelf.

Images via Sephora, Betsey Johnson, Nails inc and Paperself


-Anna Remus 13′