The Great Escape: Behind the Scenes Nov30


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The Great Escape: Behind the Scenes

While the end product may be all arty and nice, fashion shoots actually do take a lot of work and time–albeit incredibly fun and frenetic labor. This particular shoot took an entire month and a half of emails, model castings, fittings and two all day weekend shoots to put together, and I hope the effort shows through in the photos.

Below you will find a few shots that didn’t quite make it into the final spread sprinkled with several out takes from our model casting and photo shoots.

A big thanks is due to all the collaborators who helped me out with this project, from the models who came and posed and the photographers who captured them to the Vestis members who donated their time and even the clothes off their back to help put together each look.

Last of all, Vestis must thank the staff at Free People and Concepts in the Square who were kind enough to lend us their clothes for several of the looks.

–Thomas Dai 14′






Portraits of our models Metok Hughes-Levine, Samara Oster and Jack Pretto.




The photographers at work…





We shot on Guy Fawkes Day







Vestis member Jay Drummond on high alert for clothes bandits at the Christian Science Center





Clothing changes on the go!




Vestis’s Racheal Epstein handled makeup.



Hanging on for fashion’s sake….


The team after a long day.