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Holiday Gift Guide

In place of of our usual Our Edit feature, we are taking a timeout from the usual schtick to reveal what’s on our holiday gift-buying list.


“I’m getting my brother this classic duffel from Herschel Supply Co. He’s off to college next year so I thought it was high time he had some stylish luggage of his very own.”–Angela Su


via Herschel Supply Co


“I love these BCBG coasters! I’m not sure who to get them for yet, but they’re so chic, so clean, and so colorful! I need a stylish boss to impress….”–Anna Remus


via BCBG


“I’m thinking of getting my little sister (who’s ten) this adorable Zara kids tee shirt with its trompe l’oeil sequined suspenders so we can match  at holiday parties.”–Thomas Dai


via Zara


“I’m buying for my cousin Katie in our family Christmas grab. She lives by the beach and loves shark week, so this ironically cute shark bangle will be a sassy and simple way to flaunt her coastal style. Plus, its Disney inspired, which brings back great memories for us.”–Molly Ryan


via Fred Flare


“For (shared with) my brother: My first Christmas back from college will surely be filled with a mix of excitement and nostalgia: family cruise, high school visits, New Years festivities.  We’ll have no trouble capturing it all this holiday season in style and in film with Polaroid’s latest instant digital camera.”–Emily Chen

via Polaroid


“Undeniable, the joy this hand knitted Yoda beanie will inspire in all (save the humbugs) is…plus it’s unisex!”–Connie Fu


via ETSY


“I’m considering giving my mom this Michael Kors iPhone wristlet. It’s sassy and classy, with a touch of functionality – the perfect gift for a beautifully stylish woman on the go.”–Erica Byas-Smith


via Nordstrom


“Definitely not getting this for anyone, but this kitsune x yoshida bag is fabulous! perfect for traveling during the holidays!“–Ricardo Medina


via Kitsune