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Style Profile: Dike Nwokike


Meet freshman Chika-Dike Nwokike. The UC rep and newly appointed Crimson photographer is consistently one of the best dressed undergrads around. Read what he has to say about his personal style, and check out a few pics of Dike’s closet in action…






Technically, London, England, but New Rochelle, NY is where I am really from.



Pennypacker Hall


From where do you draw style inspiration?

People like my father or Pharrell, online and print publications likeĀ The Sartorialist, Gentlemens’ Quarterly, Street Etiquette, and Take Ivy, store catalogs from Uniqlo and Urban Outfitters, among others, or just random people I see on the streets.


What’s your favorite item of clothing, and why?

My favorite item of clothing was a pair of khaki chinos that I bought from Urban Outfitters two years ago. Unfortunately,when I went to Cornell with theĀ The Harvard Crimson earlier this semester, I was walking through a dark maze-like cornfield one night with the group of people I came with. We got stuck in a rather deep patch of mud, and while trying to work my way out, my pants proceeded to tear at the seams. Sucks, I know.




How would you describe your style?

Hmm…how about, “simple, New Yorkish, hand-me-downs.”


What’s your most embarrassing fashion “mistake”?

Wearing a cerulean and white striped tie with my striped blue and white Ralph Lauren shirt when I was 14. Little did I know, little did I know.


If you could have any piece of clothing or accessory, what would it be?

Slim cargo pants. Period. I saw a beautiful pair of cargo pants that Ovadia & Sons introduced into their Fall 2011 catalog. $285 is quite out of my price range, but I’m still looking around.






Impressed with Harvard’s style? What’s your take on campus fashion?

I love it here. So many people are beautifully dressed. Of course, it is predominately New England Prep-influenced, but there are some fresh takes that I see around campus and in the Cambridge area. And don’t get me started on the women, that’s a whole other conversation…


What’s your favorite place to shop in Cambridge? In general?

Urban Outfitter’s bargain basement. It deserves a name of its own, because sometimes, it has the best steals and deals I have ever come across. I can see a pair of shorts online for $50, and find the exact same article of clothing there in my size for $10-15!


Photography: Jay Drummond 15′

-Erica Byas-Smith 15′