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Postcards From Home: Knoxville, TN

Now that Vestis members are home for the holidays (Merry Christmas Eve everybody!), we will be bringing y’all a little bit of hometown spirit to idle us through till the end of J. Term. From Honolulu to New York City, Minnesota to Knoxville, we’re all finally back home, wherever home may be.

In the time since I’ve been back, I’ve been spending a lot of time driving about the city, getting reacquainted with the place. Seeing old friends, Christmas shopping, creeping around in parks and such. Below are a few snapshots of life as usual in my hometown, where suburban sprawl and southbound trains come home to roost.


-Thomas Dai 14′

Knoxville, Tennessee

Zipcode: 37934.

Population: 178,874.

Legislative quirk: the word “gay” or “homosexual” is officially banned for usage by educators before the ninth grade.

On a Friday night you’re… trolling the suburaban shopping centers for Starbucks coffee and bad Chinese food.

Signature Style: UT Vols sweatshirts, trucker hats, muscle tees, Coach wristlets and sunless tanner.