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Style Profile:Ellen & Erin

Ellen and Erin will always be paired together in my head. Even though I met them at different times in my life (seventh grade advanced reading and tenth grade P.E. respectively), after several years of seeing them almost exclusively in each others presence: tittering over the same inside jokes (generally at my expense) and even occasionally wearing the same clothes, their personalities, witticisms and personal styles have grown somewhat intertwined in my mind. Yet there are definite distinctions as well when I think on it. Erin tends to be more polished in her style, casual but with an urban edge, whereas Ellen prefers a more, shall we say, deconstructed look. Ellen’s color palette is full of earthy browns and military greens while Erin prefers an eclectic mix of floral prints, mustard yellows and shell pinks. Both eschew heels for combat boots or flats and both have an predilection for torturing kitties with their overzealous affections.

Out of all my friends, their styles have also probably affected me the most. Maybe because as my own sense of style developed through high school, I had the pleasure of watching theirs change and grow as well, vacillating through redoubtable highs and hilarious lows. I’ve seen them in their morning-after glory (sweatpants, no make up, hair all a’frizz), their senior prom finery (Erin wore Leopard print Rodarte for Target and Ellen wore a self-made navy satin dress cut on the bias) and in countless casual outfits for all the thousands of times we’ve grabbed coffee at Panera or gossiped our way through third period.  And while our sartorial journeys have been long and the casualties many (think Hollister sweat pants and copious amounts of fishnet), we’ve in a way been in it together, schlepping through the same malls and combing the same thrift store racks, always honest with each other on what looks like crap and what really works.

So here’s just my little nostalgic shout out to two girls from Tennessee whose personal styles will always be iconic… to me at the very least.


-Thomas Dai 14′





My name is… Erin Or

I’m from… Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

And now I’m living… in Manhattan

Studying… Middle Eastern Studies

and currently obsessed with … American Horror Story





When I was 13 I was wearing… braces and lots of gel in my hair

and listening to… Nirvana and Dr. Dre

When I’m feeling shitty I wear… nothing

and eat… Snickers bars in the shower

My most embarrassing fashion moment would be the time I… wore a gold lame belt with bright teal tights



Mango sweater, h&m dress, Goodwill shoes, h&m headband, gifted necklace from Istanbul, Juicy Couture glasses.


At a bar I order… vodka and grapefruit juice

and flirt with the guy wearing…. dark wash, slim fit jeans and a Bill Cosby sweater

What I love about Tennessee is… nothing in particular

and what I hate is… my hair when it frizzes.





My name is… Ellen Ford

I’m from… Kingston, Tennessee

and now I’m living… in Knoxville, Tennessee.

studying… neuroscience

and hoping to travel to… Brazil.


Forever 21 pants, vintage sweater, Old Navy flip flops


When I was 13, I was wearing… wife beaters and baggy jeans

and watching… That’s So Raven on Disney Channel.

I had my hair… with a straight part down to my waist

and never wore… high heels.






My favorite thing to wear is… my dad’s old “George Thorogood and the Destroyers” sweatshirt

and you’ll always see me shopping… in my attic.






In a club I get down to… “Ass” by Big Sean

and dance with guys wearing… anything but polos.

What I love about Tennessee is… the beautiful fall

and what i hate is… that I’ve been here all my life.




Photography: Thomas Dai