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Style Profile: Heather Miura

When I reminisce on my first encounters with Heather/Heathpurr/Twinsie in the first grade, I can still distinctly recall her signature style and over-the-top attire. Dolled up in floral dresses, adorable sandals and rocking five rhinestone barrettes everyday on the playground, she was setting trends as a five-year-old. Fast-forward to high school and once again, Twinsie was a style inspiration amongst the sea of Hollister and Abercrombie. With pink, turquoise, and purple highlights streaking her jet-black hair, metallic leopard leggings and Hello Kitty gear at all times, Twinsie never ceased to amaze me. She was a true hipster before the word even gained mainstream appeal. And now in college, her style has once again transformed completely. Twinsie is a doll come to life, with gyaru eye makeup, perfectly coifed hair, and pink, lace and ruffle everywhere. Strolling down the beach walk in Honolulu in none other than five inch heels, Twinsie proves why she is one of my style icons.










~Julia Kim Hirata (The less adorable Twinsie)