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5 Style Lessons to Learn From Blair Waldorf


Anyone and everyone who knows me know one simple fact about me. I am in love obsessed with Gossip Girl. It has all I would ever need in a television series: good-looking people, NYC, melodramatic lives, but most of all fabulous clothing. So I’ve collected 7 major fashion moves that Blair Waldorf does right.


1. Make Your Coat a Part of Your Outfit

In the cold Cambridge weather, we tend to view our coat simply as warmth. But walking from place to place is where we seem to run into a lot of our social community. So why not make a statement with your coat? Make it an intentional part of your outfit instead of a black, down, furry hooded coverup. You may get so many compliments you won’t want to take it off.

2. Realize Fit Is EVERYTHING.

No matter how cute your dress or pants are, if they are ill-fitting, you will look disheveled. Blair’s clothing always fits perfectly, which is why she can get away with some questionable outfits. Watching Blair walk around taking charge of NYC in her perfectly cut outfits, I remember how badly I need to find a tailor in Harvard Square.

3. Own Actual Lingerie and Pajamas

After talking to a lot of my friends, I was surprised to discover that a lot of girls don’t own “private time” wear other than basic bras and underwear or lounge wear other than sweats and tee shirts.  I love knowing that I have something that I feel pretty in, whether someone is seeing it or not.  Wear something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in. Take inspiration from Blair. She has some of the prettiest pieces I’ve seen.

4. Embrace All Tights

Let’s face it, it’s f@*king cold outside. Does this mean we’re going to give up our adorable skirts and dresses? No! But that doesn’t mean we should only wear boring black or nude stockings. Wearing colored or patterned tights are a great way to add texture, dimension, and character to your outfit.  Blair makes tights look stylish and sexy. Now you no longer have an excuse to wear a mini skirt with no tights on a Saturday night because “tights aren’t sexy enough.”

5. Rock the Hair Wear

Again, it’s cold. So wear a hat and make it cute. Blair has her winter wear down to a science with her warm hats that vary in color, style, and detailing. Doesn’t she just look adorable? Speaking of adorable, let’s talk headbands. Headbands mean two things to me. 1) A fun, girly way to dress up your hairstyle (or make it not a snore on lazy days). Or 2) A modern, non-royal girl’s equivalent to a crown. Whichever way you’d like to think of your headband, I think we can all agree that Blair knows how to rock one.


– Racheal Epstein