Weekly Inspiration Feb14


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Weekly Inspiration

Five things that are inspiring, confounding and otherwise engaging me in the world of fashion this week….



After Versace for H&M unleashed an orgie of studded leather dresses and tropical print pants upon the world last year, the Sweedish meg-retailer is following up with a decidedly quirkier collaboration with Italian brand Marni and a Soffia Coppola directed promo video to boot.




#2: Children With Swag

Submit pictures of your sartorial sweet meats now please.


via tumblr


#3: Spring 2012’s strangest campaigns

Every season, fashion houses try to out do each other with impeccably shot but profoundly weird ad campaigns. The winners (losers?) for Spring 2012: Diane Von Furstenburg’s faceless model, Versace’s blue period, and Tim Tebow for Jockey wearing jeans, not Jockeys (so much false advertising there) and rearing like a bucking bronco



All images via Fashionista


#4: Hanneli being Hanneli

Image via Hanneli



#5: nip/tuck

For the March super issue, several top American fashion magazines are getting a makeover… sort of? Glamour’s changed it’s heading from red to yellow and Harper’s Bazaar’s subscriber issue shows a mysterious blonde woman in a killer, slinky black gown with face obscured (you realize only too late that it is none other than cover veteran Gwyneth Paltrow). All these conflicting feelings amount to one pivotal question in my head: if WWD says it’s different does that mean it’s different?


Images via Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour