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What I’m Packing for Spring Break

When I know a vacation is coming I am filled with happiness and excitement, but then I look at my empty suitcase. My mind starts racing. “I’ll pack my running shoes in case I work out.” “What if I go out? Should I pack a belly shirt? Wait, too slutty? Okay but a pencil skirt? God.” With a deep breath and one wise question, I ask myself “What am I going to do and what do I need to do it?”
What I'm packing: Spring Break 2012


This spring break I will be in two places. The first half will be spent catching up with friends and experiencing my favorite things in NYC and the second half will be spent unplugging from technology at a friend’s in Woodstock. I plan on wearing my white blouse with a Marni for H&M cardigan, black skinny jeans, and black heels while shopping on Fifth Avenue or stopping at Babycakes for my favorite gluten free treats. Change my shirt to a black T-shirt with a leopard scarf, motorcycle boots, and my leather jacket and I’m ready to explore the New American Wing at the Met. Fast forward to the second half of the week and I can see myself wearing my blue jeans, blue sweater, motorcycle boots, all topped with a necklace during an intense game of Scattergories. Mostly, I am excited to pack my black bikini for my friend’s hot tub and a casual dress for the nights I am cooking everyone a big pot of Ravioli Caprese.


-Racheal Epstein