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Winter Wonderful

Winter Wonderful:

It’s What’s on the Outside that Counts


Even though recent weather in Cambridge has been unexpectedly springy, it is still winter and we are still in New England, so there is plenty of time for snow and to inject your winter wear with a dose of fashion.  Wintry weather should not make you sartorially shrink behind a shapeless puffy jacket and clunky boots. In freezing temperatures, your outwear becomes just as important as your outfit. Layering is important, for both practicality purposes and for creating structure with more voluminous clothing. A statement coat, unexpected use of color, fun hats, edgy, patterned scarfs, cool tights, bold shoes…options are endless to create a look that keeps you warm while looking cool. When you treat your outerwear like any other ensemble, playing with color, texture, pattern, and proportion, those snowy mornings won’t seem quite so bad. Trekking across Harvard Yard everyday for class means your winter coat is the staple of your wardrobe. But don’t let it be boring!  Be inspired by the the gorgeous winter coasts below to choose a winter coat with visual interest that reflects your personal style and then use accessories to create an interesting look everyday.



-Anything but Basic –

Even if you choose a basic black coat to be your winter staple, you can add interesting accessories like this kerchief hat, printed scarf, and bold yellow bag that will make the look anything but boring.



– Wild Child –

On the other hand, why not be a little wild with your winter style? Take advantage of low temperatures and wear decadent, jewel-toned fur coat. As the coat makes such a statement, keep accessories plain, minimal, and cool.



–  Snow Bright –

If rocking fur for everyday is too much to handle, take on winter with bright, fun colors. With bold color, keep silhouette simple and structured to avoid being too busy. Here, the combination of orange coat and royal blue scarf is unexpected and clean, grounded by solid, neutral accessories of the bag and boots.




– Solid Accessorizing –

Since not everyone is willing to commit to one color for the whole season, another option is to brighten up a neutral coat with interesting accessories. Choose a neutral that isn’t black, like this striking white down parka. With this as a solid and versatile base, use the plethora of colors and patterns of scarves and hats to state your style.




– Naturally Stylish –

A plain color does not have to me a boring style of coat. When buying yours, choose a coat with visual interest built in, like this utilitarian anorak and make it more fun with extras like this bright orange beanie and Confederate-inspired scarf.



– Put Preppy on Edge –

Even if your coat seems to have a distinct unalterable style, like this classic, gray toggle coat, there are ways to use accessories to alter your winter image. To add a little edge to your preppiness, get inspired by rock n roll, pairing red leather motorcycle gloves with this hardcore skull print scarf that is anything but J. Crew.



– Business over Pleasure –

Let’s be honest: sometimes that puffy monstrosity is just what you need. Down-jackets are probably the best at keeping you warm and dry and cozy. But choosing such a jacket doesn’t mean giving up on style! Choose one with seaming or a belted waist that creates an hour-glass shape. Also, add whimsical accessories like polka-dot tights and a pom-pom hat. This ensemble is sure to make you smile, and not just because you are warm.

Oh the weather out side may be frightful, but your snow style does not have to be!


-Molly Ryan, ’14