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Stella McCartney x 2012 Olympics

Stella McCartney, the chicest Beetles progeny around, was tapped a while back to design the 2012 Olympics uniforms for host nation Great Britain’s team. Pictures of the tri-colored unitards, warm-ups and other assorted athletic accoutrements McCartney turned out for the 500 person team surfaced earlier this week.

The overall look of the uniforms was firstly functional and secondly Anglo, with a Union Jack motif dominating the collection. Obviously since it’s the Olympics rather than a fashion week presentation, practicality is key, but I was still a little let down by the big reveal. Maybe my fashion addled mind was just too filled with images of fashion’s current sporty phase (a phase McCartney does so well) and expected something a bit more… well, different. At times like this you just need to pinch yourself and realize that however utilitarian a Neoprene inset Rag & Bone dress looks in Vogue, it’s in no way, shape or form the uniform an actual athlete would don for her (or his) Olympic debut.

However boring I may have found McCartney’s designs, they certainly did spark a hullabaloo across the pond–something about the paucity of red in the uniforms I believe–and have largely been panned by the British public. Perhaps they, like me, were expecting something a bit more dramatic from the woman who gave us this spring’s incredible curlicue hem cocktail numbers in graphic paisley prints. Either way, when the Olympics finally roll around this August, any such uniform dramas will have long been forgotten methinks.


-Thomas Dai 14′