Fashion Week 2012: Andaaz Mar29


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Fashion Week 2012: Andaaz

On the Friday of Harvard Fashion Week, Cabot Theater was home to a true treat: Andaaz 2012. Andaaz is a biennial fashion show that features beautiful clothes from South Asia. Models strutted their stuff down the runway one by one, striking playful (or serious) poses and giving ample opportunity for the rather boisterous audience to cheer them on.

Co-directors Leila Pirbay and Anisha Shenai, both from the class of 2014, graciously thanked each other, the models, the emcees, and the stage crew for their hard work in putting the show together. The two ladies directed all the walks, planned the production aspects of the show, and coordinated the gathering and styling of all the clothing.

Andaaz was a beautiful event: don’t forget to check out the pics below, and if you’re still around in 2014, be sure to attend the next installment of the show.

Male Model

Strutting his stuff

Heavy Necklace

All that glitters...

Look - Scarlet

Red captivates the audience


Intricate accessories catch the light

Dancing Model

Dancing on the runway

Look - Violet

Purple floats down the runway

Elaborate Collar

Delicate beading and vivid color

Look - Tangerine

Orange makes for a fierce walk

Bronze Shoes

Beautiful bronze heels accent green fabric

Surprise Back

Beads hang on an open back

Striking a Pose

A model strikes a pose

– Erica Byas-Smith ’15