IDENTITIES 2012: Behind the Scenes Apr07


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IDENTITIES 2012: Behind the Scenes

Anyone who has worked on a large fashion show knows that most of the action goes down off the runway. Backstage on show night, at model ground zero, Identities girls clomped around in too big heels, their dresses unzipped and makeup freshly done. The boys slopped gel in their hair and adjusted their shirt collars in the dressing room, a mess of discarded ties and socks at their feet. Various producers, creative directors and production assistants milled about, attending to each mini-emergency in sight: smoothing hems, cuffing pants, spraying curls, steaming shirts and dispensing a flurry of you-look-amazing’s as they went.

Call time for the first segment was 4:30 pm. Pizza came at 5:00 pm. The models were streaming in by 7:00 pm. The redbull started kicking in for everyone around 8:00 pm. Professional makeup artists from Maybelline had taken over Annenberg’s Green Room, setting out the tools of their trade–compacts and lipsticks and motley brushes–in neat little rows. A reporter from CCTV was lurking, taking soundbytes from some of the producers and models. It was one long, heady blur till show time.

The models lined up. They walked (fabulously) and it was over. Done in a attenuated flash.



The Maybelline team at work...






Associate Producer Bonnie Wong doubled as our hair guru

Even the boys got the Maybelline treatment



Finishing up the looks... redbull in hand


Modeling can be exhausting, okay.


Preparing to walk!



Photography: Shunella Lumas and Dean Shu



-Thomas Dai 14′