Shopping for Summer Workwear Apr19


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Shopping for Summer Workwear

Summer is almost here, and with it come summer internships and all their sartorial quandaries. After multiple semesters of wearing whatever-the-hell-I-want and whatever-the-hell-is-clean, it’s a little bit distressing to think (even half-heartedly) about uniforms, dress codes, those doom-filled words: “work-appropriate.” I guess you could say I’m freaking out, just a little. Looking at my closet, I spy a few pieces that I could spin as office ready… but that’s assuming my office is okay with skinny chinos, citrus hues and denim all over.

To hedge my bets, I’m on the consumerist prowl, hoping to round out my summer wardrobe with a few WORKable finds. My objective: find versatile, work-appropriate pieces that I can still wear in my everyday life.

Let’s take it from the top:


#1: The Blazer

Let’s be real, the electric blue tailoring I love so dearly will not fly for cubicle life, yet i refuse to drown myself in the charcoal meets beige meets blah flood of corporate suiting. Instead, I’m looking for a slim-fit blazer in navy, light gray or brown that can breathe in the summertime swelter. Heavy wool blends and overly peaked lapels need not apply.



From top: Blazers by Uniqlo, APC and All Saints


#2: Trousers

Suiting pants aren’t really my thing. The colors are generally boring, not to mention they fit awkwardly on my gangly frame. Whenever I can get away with wearing chinos or jeans, I go for it. However, to add the proper polish to my 9-5 getup, I am willing to try some trousers on for size… provided that they look like the following options:


From Top: Pants by J. Crew, Marc Jacobs and Topman


#3: Finishing Touches

Sadly, my usual mix of accessories (bead bracelets, broken watches, malachite pendants and croc cuffs) may be a bit much for working life. I’m hoping to tone down my look but still have fun with those little details this summer…


From Top: Accessories by Cote et Ciel, ASOS and the Tie Bar


-Thomas Dai 14′