A Future of Computer Science (Tue, Dec 1, 2009)

Don't let your minds be consumed by thoughts of the near term as finals approach! Come to the last Harvard Computer Society seminar of the semester and shift gears by hearing about the bigger picture. Our speaker will talk about impending developments ranging from the fusion of computer science with new fields, to a future of intelligent machines outsmarting humans.

A Future of Computer Science

Where: Maxwell-Dworkin G135

When: 7pm Tuesday, December 1

New vhosts tool released

The vhosts tool allows you to add your own virtual hosts, or vhosts. These are domains of the form '' or '' which you want served off of HCS's servers. From your end, you need to set your domains to be CNAMEs for (Note: do not change the nameservers; HCS does not run any name servers.)

A typical vhost entry looks like:


Federation of High Performance Computing @ Harvard (Tue, Nov 17, 2009)

Thanks to everyone who came to the sixth installment of the 2009-2010 HCS seminar series. Here are the details of the talk:

Speaker: Dr. James Cuff, Director of Research Computing and Chief Technology Architect at FAS-IT

When James joined Harvard in 2006, both the IT landscape and financial climate were somewhat different than they are today. This talk will explain significant steps taken in the last three years to to bring both stability and scale to our computing infrastructure with scarce financial resources.

Computer Science Concentration Cider & Pie

Are you:
- Considering a concentration or secondary in computer science?
- Already concentrating/doing a secondary in computer science?
- A member of the CS faculty?

If so (or if you'd like to meet people in at least one of these three
groups), you are cordially invited to a Harvard computer science community event on Friday, November 13th in the lobby of Maxwell-Dworkin from 3-4:30.

Comet, server-side javascript, and the project (Tue, Nov 10, 2009)

Thanks to everyone who came to the fifth installment of the 2009-2010 HCS seminar series. Here are the details of the talk: