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The Harvard Computer Society is a student group dedicated to promoting interest in computing and information technologies among members of the Harvard community, with great wit and panache. Leave your name and email address to find out how you can become involved today.

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Larry Wall. Paul Graham. Brad Pitt. These are just a few of giants that HCS has invited to speak at Harvard in the past. (Ok, I may have been lying about that last one.) HCS has been good lately about bringing in famous outsiders to lend us bits of their wisdom (pun intended). However, we have been less good about tapping an even more immediate source of knowledge: you! And that's about to change.

HCS Events

The following is the HCS events calendar. Note that dates are subject to change, and you should sign up for our announce list in order to receive notifications about our events.

HCS Fall Programs

Hope that you are enjoying those last few days of summer before the new calendar pulls us back to campus. This fall, HCS is planning on launching the following two programs. In order to make them a success, we are looking for *your* help. Yes, that's right. You. So do read on.

== HCS Seminars ==

Next Generation HCS Systems

In January 2008, HCS received a generous grant from FAS IT to completely rebuild the computer systems that support our popular services. In June 2008, we purchased nearly $25,000 worth of hardware. Now, after almost a year of intense development, HCS-NextGen is here.