Welcome Prefrosh!

The Harvard Computer Society has been a "driving force" in the development and deployment of computers at Harvard since well before the fall of the Soviet Union (or the very least, we've met weekly to talk about computers and technology and eat pizza since at least 1983). We do whatever we're interested in (and, by proxy, whatever you're interested in, if you join us) but we have a number of ongoing and currently active projects that tend to consume our time.

The Art of Ballistic Programming


Come to Science Center Hall D from 5:30PM to 7:00PM on Tuesday, March 31st, to Larry Wall, inventor of of Perl talk about its history and current development! Co-sponsored by SEAS.

Join us for an unedited version of the history of Perl, its current development and much wit and panache.

The Bitter Tale of Desktop Security


HCS welcomes club alumnus Ivan Krstić to discuss security on the desktop, why it isn't, and how it might be. Join us this Thursday, March 5 at 7 PM in Science Center 112 for what promises to be a fascinating and in-depth discussion. This lecture is open to the public.

Getting Your Startup on the Web

Ever wondered what Web 2.0 is? Have an awesome web startup idea but just don't know where to begin? HCS is proud to present "Getting your startup on the web," a seminar brought to you by The Harvard College Entrepreneurship Forum this Thursday, February 19.

Datamatch 2009!

Datamatch logo (wire heart)

Datamatch uses painstakingly developed computer algorithms and well-researched psychological profiles to find the perfect romantic match for you. Or maybe it's done randomly. We're not going to tell you. Either way, if you complete our questionnaire, our computer will generate a list of ten people, any of whom might be your perfect soulmate. Someone you'll want to marry and have twenty children with. Someone to share that dream within a dream, True Love. At least someone you'll want to take out for a triple decaf espresso. Or something.