Workshop Wednesday: Learn how to manage your website

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Does your student organization have a spiffy new website? Are you a new web master who doesn't know how your group's website works? Do you have plans for a website but no idea where to start? Other questions about HCS web and mailing list services? In any of these cases, come to the HCS web services seminar to learn how to take advantage of HCS's student group hosting services. Food will be provided. Don't forget to bring your own laptop!

Come to the HCS Workshop Wednesday seminar this Wednesday at 6:00 PM in SOCH P-02.

Seminar: Text Editors

A Gnu.

Ever need to edit text? If so, you may need a text editor. And yet there are so many choices: pico (no), vim (maybe), emacs (yes), or ed (almost certainly).

In all seriousness, an age-old battle rages: emacs or vim? Whose side are you on? How will you choose? The fate of the world may rest in your hands.

Want to learn the tips and tricks that will make you a pro and able to tell the difference between these two seemingly similar pieces of software? Of course you do. That's why you'll come to the HCS Seminars on text editors this week!

Linux Seminars: CS50 Students Welcome!

Linux is not for chickens.

We will be hosting two seminars this week geared toward CS50 students that want to take full advantage of their Linux environment, or are perhaps interested in learning more about the free OS of hackers, programmers, and CS students around the world. They will be this Wednesday, October 3 in the SC Mac Classroom (room 229) at the following times:

  • 1p - 2:30p, led by Josh Kroll
  • 7p - 8:30p, led by Ted Pak

Second Meeting and the Fall Barbecue

A practical use for the PS3: George Foreman style

After a quick online poll, we've settled on Wednesday Sept. 26 at 8pm for our next office hours. This will probably our usual weekly meeting time for the year. Come join us in SOCH 307 (we promise that we won't need ninja techniques to open the door this time) and we will bring you pizza, drinks and for all returning newbs, your brand new HCS accounts.

We will also have a scout at John Harvard statue at 7:45pm to walk up with anybody who's coming from the yard.

First Office Hours - Freshmen Welcome!

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Our very first office hours of the year will be held on Monday September 17 at 8pm in SOCH 307.