Anime Fanfiction
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My Anime Fanfiction So far, some Ranma, some EVA, and some miscellany.

My Ranma Fanfic Guide Especially for those new to fanfiction, but the rest of you can take a look too. Contains a breakdown of the different types of fiction, plus something about darkfics, sadfics, and angstfests, and a short bit about script vs. prose style. Since added: writing out-of-character (OOC).

EVA Fanfic Guide Now, one for EVA. Same sort of stuff, plus more!

My Ranma Archive Most of what I had here is gone, since they're already up in other places. My specialty pages are still here, though, since people seem to like them.

Fanfiction Links Well, I've abandoned my plan to create an exhaustive link page. :P Just some of my favorites now.

A Bit of Fanfic Fun Just go take a look.

Oh, and you might also want to take a look at some anime fanfic essays, found on my Anime Overanalysis Page.