The Akane Factor

I noted recently on the fanfic mailing list that in most fics where Ranma and Akane do admit their love for each other, it seems that Ranma's the one who takes the initiative and first says "I love you" or kisses Akane or whatever. There are a few where Akane beats Ranma to it (more now that when I began this little project). Here, I've put those fics. Well, if the scene is part of a really big fic, then I only put the relevant section in (with a bit of explanation, if necessary). If the story is found elsewhere in the archive, I won't put a synopsis here.... Enjoy.

Oh yeah--remember, I don't do lemons, nor will I archive them. :P Also, sadfics/darkfics where Ranma has died won't go here, either.

Warning! The excerpts are spoilers!

Tell me if you know of others that belong here.