The Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction Guide!

Before I begin, I should state the purpose of this: to classify and somewhat analyze EVA fanfiction out there. Individual fics will only be used as examples of types of genres and to illustrate certain points that I make; I won't be analyzing them for the sake of having them analyzed (except for specific sections)--such is more the purpose of my spot in the Evangelion Fanfic Review Syndicate.

So, herein lies both objective observation and description of EVA fanfiction, and also my personal thoughts, commentary, and possible rants. My credentials? EVA fanfic writer and reviewer; nonlurking member of the EVA Mailing List. For more specific details, go see my page of fics. And do remember, above all, much of this is just my opinion, and should be treated as no more or less than the opinion of others.

Finally! The guide.

Fanfiction types:
First, simple objective description of what they're about. The analysis comes later, farther down.

Type analysis:
Note that I did not include types or subtypes like "dark" or "spoofish" or anything like that. This is because the genre of EVA itself is not strictly humorous or strictly serious. There really is no such thing as a "darkfic" when taken in the light of the original, which could get pretty dark itself. These types strictly relate to plot typing, not mood. Anyway, to the analysis--

More stuff:

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