Andrew's Little (Ranma) Fanfic Guide

I don't know why I'm doing this. I just feel like it.... I admit, there's going to be some bias in here in the description of types of stories. But hey, this is my guide. ^_^

First, my words of warning:

Okay, enough of, to the rest of this stuff. I do not claim to have invented the terms for the major types of fiction named below (except one), or for the subtypes called "darkfics" and "sadfics". Those have been around a while. But my breaking-up the major types into subtypes (where applicable) is my own original idea. :P And some of those subtypes are kinda my invention. The term that I _did_ invent is the "new generation" type.

Types of Fanfiction I'm adding a little of my own commentary to the established guidelines.

A Note on Darkfics, Sadfics, and Angst-fests

Formats: Script vs. Prose

Some words on out-of-characterness (OOCness)