Halftime Fanart

Though Halftime has been finished since January, 1997, it was never very thoroughly distributed, as I tend to be a rather reclusive writer. In recent months, however, more and more people have discovered this story, and a few of them even created Fanart for it. I was ecstatic, as I personally possess no drawing talent to speak of, and was only too happy to accept the fruits of their labors. This gallery is meant to hold all of the Halftime fanart I've received. Whenever possible, I include fanart in an appropriate place within the story itself, as well, but every picture is included here, as well! You can click on a picture to see it in full size. Enjoy them! I know I did... Oh, and for the disclaimer, I think it goes without saying that you should not use or alter any of the pictures on this page without the permission of the artist who drew it. But I said it anyway!
This was the very first fanart that I received, and I realized that it would be just PERFECT at the top of the intro page for Halftime. The artist behind this one is Chester Castañeda to whom I am very grateful.
There's an interesting story behind this one. This is Noranov, one of the villains that appears towards the latter part of the story. However, Mercedes, the talented artist who drew this picture, did not know at the time who created Noranov, or even what story she was from. Mercedes drew this pic as a favor to Alex Small, who maintains the Ranma Battle Arena. He wanted pictures of the characters fighting in the Original Character Tournament - and my Noranov was one of the original characters fighting there! Anyway, it's still a wonderful picture, and I'm happy to have it here. Here's some of her other work.
Any who have read Halftime know that during the story I took one monumental leap of poetic license during the story, in claiming that Ukyo and Schala looked very similar. Anyone who's seen a picture of both knows that that is not true, though when I wrote the story, I hadn't seen a picture of Schala (other than the sprite featured in the game). With a little suspension of disbelief the theory works even now, but Chester Castañeda took things a step further, and actually drew a picture that compared the two favorably. The results are really remarkable!
This is the same picture, but in color! It's very beautiful, even if it DOES widen the gap a bit between Ukyou's and Schala's appearances. Once again, Chester Castañeda is the genius behind the art.
Here's another beautiful offering, drawn by Chester Castañeda at my request! This one features Robo, both in his robot form and his girl form. The girl form ended up looking a bit like Rei, from Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I think the look is perfect for her! Here, she's featured wearing the loose robe that she acquires in a later chapter to accommodate both her normal and cursed forms.

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