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February 25, 2004
Well, the hiatus lasted a bit longer than expected, but GtF chapter 9 is now available.

The stuff:

Samurai Shodown: The Mailing List Incident or, Don't Irk the Ladies--inspired by this pervert who showed up on the SSML. The fic should be self-explanatory. Just a bit of fun for myself and the others on the list.

Dead: Leaving this here just as a curiosity, really. It's a new male character fic, written in response to the other new male character fics out there, which seem to be remarkably alike concerning certain plot points.... This is not to say that they're unoriginal; I mean, they're pulled off nicely. But still, I'd like to tweak the idea some. Anyway, as the intro says, think "Anno Hideaki directs Sailor Moon".

Well, here's Mourning Star.