Fruits Basket Works

I've started writing Fruits Basket fanfiction relatively recently. I'm going to continue, so I've decided to set up a separate page for it.

Like Strawberries My first FB fic, originally published on ffnet first before being posted here. Yuki does some gardening with Tohru one day.

On Names, the Flu, and Other Things This was originally going to be a short ficlet the way "Like Strawberries" was going to be. Then it ran away a bit.... Kyou and Uo get thrown out of class under certain circumstances. Also initially written for ffnet. Complete at four chapters--first multi-part fic I ever finished. o_o

That Brief Warmth The sequel to the above. A more serious stage in the relationship between Arisa and Kyou. First released on ffnet.

Show, Don't Tell And now back to Tohru and Yuki, because I owe it to them. Pointless and fluffy.

More to come, I'm sure. All likely to be part of the same overall continuity.