Serial Work

I'm kind of afraid of starting serial works, now, for fear of never finishing them.... But here you go.

Visiting Nerima I'm writing this in chapters. I've invented a character who goes to Nerima for a visit (duh)'s not as funny as I'd like it (though some say it's still pretty funny), but it is more of a character development fic, as Takeshi interacts with the residents of Nerima Ward. In fact, there isn't really a plot that goes throughout the chapters. Rather, Takeshi acts as a sort of sounding board to enhance the regular characters. As the chapters are finished, I'll post them. I warn you, though, there's not going to be much introduction to Takeshi. I trust that my writing about him and the other characters will show what he's like, and how he's adjusted to life in Nerima. The story launches itself right into the middle of things, really.... The general effect that Takeshi will have is that as a result of meeting him, the characters will start to change a little bit. Not too much, this isn't that kind of otakufic, but a little bit. Yes, it is sort of an otakufic; Takeshi represents many of my ideas about things.... Type: New Character Fic (but not really centered around the character).

Insanity on 5 Coulombs a Day Okay, it's been redone. This fic features another new character, Kurimoto Shiro, and it does have a plot centered around that character. Since the foreword (included with chapter 1) talks about him extensively, I won't comment too much about him here. Enjoy. This won't be posted to raac until it's completed, probably.
(On indefinite hold)

These Are the Days to Remember This is my continuation fic. As it is, it is not based on "Life and Manhood"/"Waking". Rather, it was first spawned by a rather angsty, now abandoned work about Shamps and Mousse (called "Three-Sixty"), until I realized it would be foolish to develop them without doing so for the other characters. So, I decided to make it a full continuation fic.

Somewhere along the way, I dropped the angst angle (at least, mostly; there will be some parts with a bit of it). I'm glad, too; I've had enough of angst for a while. The fic can now be described as...WAFFy. ^_^ I'm going with this one slowly, so that I don't burn out my idea base, like I did with the two above. The title is the same as that of a Billy Joel Song. I'm trying to establish that theme for the part titles, too.