"The" Fanfics
Ryouga and Ukyou!

No, I don't claim to have the definitive Ranma fanfic page (whatever that could be). That's not what I mean. What is this, then? Well, there presently are these set of fanfics which go together. I like them enough to set aside a whole webpage for them. I call them "The" Fanfics because of their titles: The More Things Change, The Pursuit of Happiness, and The Way Things Are. Ya see? TMTC and TPOH are written by RpM. TWTA is written by Kevin Eav, under the editorship of RpM. I've also included Eight Days a Week (written by Nigel M. and also edited by RpM), since it is a sort of prequel to TMTC (although the effects of EDAW kind of disappear... unfortunately). My thanks to RpM, for writing and starting up this Ranmaverse, and Nigel and Kevin, for adding on to it. All of these stories have a great sense of humor. Included are a few extras--snipped author's notes, my own character notes, etc. Know that these characters and stories belong to Takahashi Rumiko-san, Nigel M., RpM, or Kevin Eav. Now, except for Kevin's prologue, I've removed my archive copies, and leave only the links to the authors' pages.

Will be updated soon! Really.

A few extras....