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This is the art gallery. It's divided into three sections: official art, fan art I have found on the web, and art that I have commissioned Commissioned art is the biggest by far; I may break it off onto its own page eventually. I may also include doujinshi scans later on.

New stuff as of January 10, 2004.

Official SNK Art
Still being worked on. I gotta get new scans of stuff. >.<; My art mook is presently with a friend who has a scanner, but is a wee bit slow about getting these things done. n.n; However, I do have some stuff ready now.

Back to back I remember when I first saw this as a pic for an auction on Ebay--the cover art for the Saturn version of SS3. I blinked and stared and wondered why SNK never made them an official couple. Well, I ended up scoring the game for a friend of mine who has a Saturn and is also a fan of S+R; I now have an artbook (the one metioned above) with this picture in it, sans the logo and such. The boxcover art is 253kb, while the cleaned one from my artbook is 142kb.
Rather colorful background This is, apparently, the cover for a tape soundtrack (you remember those, right?) for SS3. Again, I have a cleaned-up version of this, but I'm not sure if I can get it scanned up, because it's tucked in near the spine of the book, which means it'd get damaged if I tried to scan it with a flat scanner. 42kb

Art on the Net

Screenshot of SSRPG Okay, this one's slightly silly, I do suppose, and mebbe it belongs in the first category.... It's a screencap from the Neo Geo CD version of the SSRPG, the one that has a side story with Shizumaru. And here, we've got him meeting with Rimururu somewhere in the game. I sadly do not recall where I found this cap, as it was a long while ago.... I've gotta play this game someday. I've actually gotten my hands on a copy of the NGCD game, I just now need the platform. n.n; 49k
Shizu looking flustered with Rimu? This is a cute one, drawn by Michael Fong (owner of Elf Quester). Just stumbled onto it one day when doing a Google search on 'Rimururu'. What good fortune, eh? Used with permission. 102kb
Fashionably modern Shizu and Rimu Woohoo! The first unsolicited piece of art I've received for my site. :) Jorby Alano, owner of Three Six Oh, was among the first to sign the guestbook (go there, on the front page!) and said he'd send me some art. So here it is. Shizu and Rimu in a more modern setting. And daaaang they're just utterly adorable. 81kb
Sketch of Shizu and Rimu Found this at CK Gan's SS Forever site one day, drawn by "Shizumarurimu". Nice pencil sketch of the two, plus Galford and Nakoruru looking on from the corner. Used with permission from the artist--thanks. :) 136kb
Modern-day sketch of Shizu and Rimu "Lisa" just emailed this to me the other day for the site. The title of it is "Abandoned Fifth" and is another modern-setting sketch of Shizu and Rimu. She says she might CG it sometime, in which case y'all know I'll have it up here. :) 126k
Grown up, pencil sketch NEW! Lisa was gracious enough to whip up another sketch, apparently during a boring math class (aheh). They're a bit older, late teens, and Shizu's wearing an interesting new outfit. It's on lined notebook paper, but still quite nice. 242k

Commissioned Fanart

Shizu and Rimu snoozing This was the first picture I ever commissioned, sometime in 2000. Just kinda asked my MUCKing friend, Whitney Mattila, if she'd do a pic of Shizu and Rimu. She said okay. :) And here you go. I didn't specify any pose; this is all her. 70k
Shizu and Rimu, sittin' in a tree.... Shortly after the above, in the early fall of 2000, I asked (and bribed with some doujinshi) another friend, Priscilla Kim, to do a pic as well. This time, I specified that it be a little more, hm, intimate. Sadly, this sketch was abandoned before completion, but she did get this far, at least. She's doing another one, now. I may have to poke her about it more. 80k
Resting in the shade My first professional commission was from Fred Perry at Katsucon 7, Feb. 2001. I must thank Phil Moyer for both egging me on to do get a commission to begin with, and then doing a wonderful job of CG coloring this picture. This was partially inspired by the Through a Mirror Darkly Amber campaign being run at the time, where I played Shizumaru, of course. 209k
A peck on the cheek Next at Katsucon, I saw Susan Meyer, and noted that she had quite a number of SNK characters in her portfolio. So, of course, I had to ask. :) She's quite friendly and personable, by the way. Anyhow, as you may have guessed, my instructions for the pose were inspired by the chibi drawing that's on the front page. Ms. Meyer said that everyone who looked on as she was working on this thought it was the cutest thing they saw. *^^* 127kb
They each other so well As I took my last stroll through the artist's area on Saturday evening, Nilah M. (owner of caught my eye. My instructions for this were pretty vague, just having them facing the viewer, smiling. This is what came out, and I gotta say, I'm really happy with it. It shows just how well Shizu and Rimu go together. 86kb
Blushing SD-Shizu Well, not exactly commissioned...Pris drew me this one for my birthday, June 4th, 2001, as a bit of a surprise. I'd been expecting the followup to the first sketch that she did, above. (She's still working on it, she says.) I like this one a lot, though. :) Flirty Rimururu, blushing Shizu. Very cute. Colored by Kat Lvovsky, another friend of ours. 86kb
Rimu tackles Shizu.... Erm. Well, this is the sketch that Pris promised from earlier. It's quite...interesting. o.o; Rimururu gets aggressive, she described it; I'd say that's about right. It's kind of funny, though. :) And yes, apparently she is licking his cheek, according to Pris. 79kb
Piggyback ride If you've read the fics elsewhere on this page, you'll probably be reminded of Walk On, which is intentional. I asked Pris to illustrate Shizumaru carrying Rimururu on his back as they traveled to Kamui Kotan after she injured her ankle, and here it is. (Though I suppose Shizumaru wouldn't be smiling in it, but hey, it's great anyway.) 45kb
Smiling, holding hands Got something simple from Susan Meyer at Otakon 2001. Again, rather cute. :) Her style has changed a little, but I like it still. 92kb
Leaning on a tree And now something from Fred Perry at Katsucon 2002. Just a bit of snuggling beneath a tree--again. o.o; I'm starting to run out of original commission ideas. Must think harder next time. 80kb
Lunchtime at school Ha ha, finally got an original idea. Rimu and Shizu as modern-day middle school students in Japan, having lunch. I've actually got a colored version of this, but it's on a really large piece of paper, much bigger than most scanners. I'll have to find an oversized one sometime for it. (Susan did the color version as a favor. I like Susan a lot.) 162kb
Glomp! My wonderful adopted Li'l Sis drew this for me. No particular reason; I just asked offhandedly one day, and this came out of it a little while later. I like having artist friends. :) 241kb

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