(My first one ever, posted to raaf sometime in early 1997....)

What, Indeed, Is in a Name?
The Moon Princess

Tsukino Usagi, AKA Sailor Moon, to become Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo (and presumably, the rest of Earth?). Let us examine the "Queen Serenity" name.

Serenity. It means peace, calm. Okay, that's nice. But consider the fact that this name is the product of a Japanese mind. Now, in the Japanese language, the letter "r" is semi-interchangeable with the letter "l", and vice versa. Just one of those things about the language. So, "Serenity" <--> "Selenity".

I'm not quite sure that "selenity" is an actual word in English. However, there is a root within it, "selen-", as in the word "selenic". So what does "selenic" mean? Moonlike. Serenity. Selenity. Sailor Moon.

Now, this is a play on words combining the English and Japanese languages. Does Takeuchi Naoko know this much English to begin with, or am I just reading waaaaay too much into this?

Gott in Himmel, I'm analyzing Sailor Moon for deeper meaning and abstract symbolisms in the names and words. This is what Harvard does to you, folks, you start thinking too much about stupid things....

Too Much