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the magnificent pages ^_^ by andrew huang

hmm. i'm going e. e. cummings here.

Yeh, maybe it sounds a little conceited, the "Magnificent Pages", but it's a cool title, eh? ^_^ I'll try to make the pages live up to the title.

El Hazard is a series which I finished off recently--well, the OAV anyways. I've only started on the TV series.

El Hazard is quite simply excellent. There is a rich fantasy plotline, with beautiful animation and great voice acting. That would include the English dubs. That's right, me, admitting that I tolerate a dub. It's the best dub I've ever heard. 'Course, it's not perfect; Makoto doesn't sound quite right. (And I still vastly prefer the subs, though there are some lines in the dub that are funnier.)

How much do I like this show? I've actually BOUGHT the whole OAV. I need a job.

So what will this page be looking like? Unfortunately, it won't be quite as elaborate as my Ranma page, since there is simply less of El Hazard. Hey, it's only a 7 episode OAV.... I'm doing this page since I like El Hazard a lot, and there aren't many El Hazard pages out I was getting bored one day.

Coming soon! TV Series stuff! Now that the TV series is out over here, I'll be doing a bit on that. Yep, I'm buying that whole thing too.


Sorry, no introductory synopsis. In short, this is a story of four Earthers (three are students of Shinonome Koukou, and the fourth is a teacher there) who get sent to a beautiful world called El Hazard. There it is discovered that a war is currently on between the allied "human" (for lack of a better world) nations and a race of bug-like creatures called the Bugrom. In the midst of all this, the Phantom Tribe, people who don't quite belong and hide away from everyone else, are plotting....

For more info...well, you'll get some from the character descriptions, but you should just go and watch the series. ^_^

The second OAV series is out here, now, as well. I'll be adding info on it too...someday.... In the meantime, here's that old promotional poster if you'd like--warning, it's kinda big.

The Stuff

Yeah, I know, not much...hopefully, this'll be growing quickly.

Cool computer rendering of a 

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