Alielle Relryle

Alielle is Fatora's lover. Yeah, I know. Oh well. <shrug> Gotta be open-minded, I guess....

Despite being Fatora's, she tends to attach herself to other females around, notably Shayla Shayla (Shayla-oneesama) and Nanami. Neither of them really appreciates it, although Nanami's willing to put up with it just a bit more than Shayla. Oh yeah, for a few brief moments, she goes after Makoto disguised as Fatora, until...never mind.

For much of the series, she travels with Makoto and Fujisawa, acting as a guide and suchforth.

Of course, when Fatora returns, safe and sound (though I'd rather that dear Fatora-hime-chan WASN'T safe and sound), Alielle swears that she was faithful. Well, what Fatora doesn't know can't hurt Alielle....

Quote: "Ooh, red hair...."

Sound bite (during her first meeting with Makoto....)