Queen Diva and the Bugrom
(Diiva, the Bagurom)

Diva is the queen of the Bugrom, a nation of mech-like giant insects. Oddy enough, she looks nothing like them, and looks mostly human (except for some abbreviated wings on her back and a few small, extra eyes on her forehead).

The Bugrom have long been fighting the allied nations of Roshtaria, separated from the Bugrom homeland by the Great River of God. Because of both the Eye of God (controlled by the alliance) and lack of strategic expertise, the war has been at a stalemate for some time, now...until Diva hands control of the Bugrom war machine to Jinnai.

What else need be said? Well, the bugs aren't too intelligent, that's for one thing. Diva also doesn't seem to do very much at all, except pin medals on Jinnai's jacket for his victories. Well, she was the one who told Jinnai of Ifurita, the Demon God.