Fujisawa Masamichi-sensei

Fujisawa-sensei is a rare sort. He's a teacher at Shinonome Koukou who really does care about his students, and takes his job very seriously. Unfortunately, he brings his bad habits to school with him, namely the booze and his cigarettes. But even when drunk, he's a really nice fellow.

His supernatural ability is that of extreme strength--but only if he's sober. And, if he's lacking nicotine, the stress gives him, in his own words, "hyper-Fujisawa strength". Pretty cool, eh? He's attracted the eye of one Miz Mishtal, Priestess of Muldoon, with his power, chivalry, charm, and the mistaken idea that he's rich, being a government employee. (Evidently things are done a little differently in El Hazard.) He does care about her, too, but is kind of afraid of commitment. (She's already drawing up wedding plans.)

One last thing of note is his love for mountain climbing, something which comes in very handy at various points in the story. And in my opinion, he delivers the best lines in the OAV.

Quotes: "A drink. I need a drink."
"Do you dare taste the Fist of Justice again?"

Sound bite (This is where he's crying over the broken bottle of booze.)