Ifurita, the Demon God(dess)

Ifurita is the greatest of the Demon Gods, humanoid war machines created long, long ago during the ancient wars. They were created to obey the holder of their Power Key Staffs.

Ifurita was initially activated by Makoto when he touched her Power Key Staff, but Jinnai was the one who took the Staff and wound Ifurita with it. As such, she viewed Jinnai as her master, and was forced to do massive destruction against the alliance on his behest.

However, due to Makoto's ability of interfacing with ancient El Hazardian technology, she becomes profoundly affected by his...touch? I suppose that's the best way to put it. They eventually become strongly linked, and with this deep bond, they fall in love with each other. Makoto is even able to break the command which forces Ifurita to follow the master of her Power Key Staff.

It is Ifurita who, with Makoto's aid, stops the Eye of God from tearing El Hazard asunder and combining with the Shadow Nation. She is also the one who, after some time and dimensional traveling, sends the group of four from Shinonome to El Hazard....