Jinnai Katsuhiko

This guy has just lost it. After suffering numerous one-ups from Mizuhara Makoto, the last of which is his downfall from the student body presidency on the accound of some testimony of wrongdoing from Makoto, he's decided that the BMOC of Shinonome Koukou has been his lifelong rival, and that no measure is too great to stop him....

Jinnai (he's rarely referred to by his given name) enlists the help of the Bugrom to go take down Makoto. Incidentally, he has to trash the rest of El Hazard to get to Makoto. That's how much he hates Makoto. Oh, how does he gain the help of the Bugrom? His ability is to be able to communicate with the Bugrom, and with that, Queen Diva sees him to be the one of legend who would lead the Bugrom to new heights. Amazingly enough, his strategic skills live up to the legend....

It seems that many people don't like him. I kind of do; he makes an excellent, brilliant (though nutty) villain. Hey, you gotta give him credit.

Quote: "Ha ha hAHAhaHAhAHahaHAhaHAhA--koff, koff, wheeze...."

Sound bite (He's introducing himself to Queen Diva as the ruler of Shinonome Koukou.)