Mizuhara Makoto

Makoto doesn't really look like much, does he? (Actually, at times, he looks a lot like Morisato Keiichi from Aa! Megami-sama! but that may just be me....) Yet, he could easily be considered All-American, except that he's not American. :P He's got high grades, he's an athlete, a popular guy...in fact, he's so good at everything, that Jinnai gets the insane idea that Makoto was born his rival.

To top it all off, he's a nice guy, and is sans ego. No wonder the girls are all over him (namely, Nanami, Shayla Shayla, and Ifurita). Oh yeah, did I mention that he makes a wonderful female? Check out Fatora-hime's spot for what Makoto looks like in drag.

His supernatural power that he gains is the ability to interface with El Hazardian technology, no matter how old and beat up it is. This comes into play very importantly when Ifurita appears....

Quote: "Jinnai, you're talking funny again...."

Sound bite (He's refusing to dress in drag.)