Miz Mishtal
(Miizu Mishutal)

Miz is the oldest of the priestesses. She has control over water, something quite useful in sneaking into the Bugrom castle.... As like the other priestesses, she makes a good fighter, with her powers.

She is constantly worried about her age and looks (though, in my opinion, I'd say she has nothing to be concerned about). It seems as though she looks forward to retiring and finding a good husband. When Fujisawa-sensei shows up, she goes right after him. In fact, she seems to go a little airheaded when Fujisawa's around.... Though Fujisawa clearly cares for her, too, he does seem a little scared by the idea of commitment, especially so soon. She is, after all, planning the wedding within a day of meeting him....

Quote: "Government employee! Steady income!!"

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