Jinnai Nanami

Jinnai Nanami is the younger sister of Jinnai Katsuhiko. It's extremely difficult to believe that the two are related....

Nanami is a businesswoman, straight up. She was able to establish her own little lunch service within a few days of landing in El Hazard, by herself. Highly intelligent. Plus, unlike a certain Tendou Nabiki, she never stoops to blackmail and extortion to get her money. Admittedly, she's a little bit sneaky, though...but far more honest than most.

Her ability of seeing through the illusions of the Phantom Tribe is key at certain points to blowing covers and escaping traps. Very, very useful.

Early on, it's obvious that Nanami and Makoto have some feelings for each other. It's really too bad for the two of them that Ifurita comes along and captures Makoto. I wonder where that would leave Nanami. For that matter, what about Shayla? Maybe something happens in the second OAV series....

Yes, I must admit, Nanami's my favorite character. She's cute, intelligent, nice (most of the time), and so sweet.... Ahem. Go visit my Nanami Shrine--please!

Quote: "Why is my life hard on every world?"

Sound bite (She's charging Fujisawa-sensei for the meal she made.)