Nanami--ever so cute
Totemo kawaii, yo!

Here is my small shrine to the cute, intelligent, honest Lady of the Yen, Jinnai Nanami.

Nanami runningWhy do I like her, above Ifurita, Miz, Afura, and even Shayla-Shayla? Well, for one, I guess I'm the type who goes more for the "cute girl next door" rather than the supermodel (gotta be realistic, folks! ^_^). Now, this is not to say that Nanami isn't as beautiful as the rest of the ladies on the series; my guess is that she's just never had the need to really pretty herself up. And I don't care--she looks great as she is.

And, of course, personality. She seems to be the energetic, spirited type--something which I always appreciate. There's no denying her smarts; remember, she was able to set up her own obentou (box lunch) business within two days of getting to El Hazard, stranded and alone. Now that I have to admire. And unlike a certain resident of Nerima, she makes her money without using blackmail and other unscrupulous tactics.

Nanami reacting to some sexual harassment...followed 
by a tipSo what's not to like about her? Oh, all right, she's not perfect; she does have a tendency to whine a little bit, and, at times, her voice (Japanese) can get a wee bit annoying. Plus, she sometimes gets carried away into things far over her head. (Challenging Shayla-Shayla to a fight when you're not superpowered isn't something too wise to do.) And, I suppose, she does look a little silly in that picture to the right. (Hey, what would you do if you were a girl in a strange land and were just goosed?) But hey, if I wanted someone perfect, I'd go for Belldandy or Kasumi...(and in the context of this show, perhaps Afura would apply).

I'm of the opinion that, had this whole excursion to El Hazard not taken place, Makoto and Nanami would have eventually become an item. Of course, there's also the matter of her nutty yet brilliant brother. How those two could be related, I just can't tell.... But tragically for Nanami, a certain Demon God has stolen the heart of her Makoto-chan. (Hey, I'd be happy to go and take her mind off of a lost love.... ^_^;;)

Ani-Mayhem card 
for Jinnai Nanami
I even have her Ani-Mayhem character card. Heaven help me.

Some extra images:

If you've got anything that I could use for this shrine, I'd appreciate it highly!